your phone number will be illegal if you not link your Adhaar card


your phone number will be illegal if you not link your Adhaar card :-

In March this year, the Telecom Ministry of India had issued instructions to all telecom companies and informed them to notify all their users for linking their phone number to Aadhaar card. That is, with the help of Aadhar card, Verification will be done once again. Looking at this, big telecom companies like Airtel and Idea have now started sending messages to their users.

In the notice issued to telecom operators, it has been stated that “all the numbers of the country will have to be re-evaluated through the e-KYC process”. Whatever number will not be verified or linked to the base, then it will be unlawful in India after 6th of February 2018. ‘ Users have a lot of time right now, but after 6 February 2018 the deadline will end. Therefore, if you want to keep your number running without any difficulty, then linking the number from the base will be necessary. Users can get their message linked to the base by visiting the nearest store as soon as the message arrives from its operator. For this, users have to keep the Aadhaar card with them and give information related to the basis in the store.


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