Windows 10 Safe Mode

    Windows 10 Safe Mode
    Windows 10 Safe Mode

    Windows 10 Safe Mode: The main purpose behind starting Windows in Safe Mode is to solve the issues related to Device Drivers, DLL Files, Stop message or Stop error also known as BSOD. Many times system stops working in the middle of some process because of the fault in some drive or files.

    Windows 10 Safe Mode
    Windows 10 Safe Mode

    How to Start Windows 10 In Safe Mode

    To launch safe mode in Windows 10 follow the steps mentioned below.

    1. Press Win+I to open Window Settings.
    2. Now click on Update and Security >>Recovery option.
    3. From that, select “Restart now” from Advanced Startup section of the recovery screen.
    4. As soon as your Pc will restart there will be a screen titled “Choose an option”
    5. From that, select the option Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.
    6. When the Pc restarts select f4 to select Safe Mode.To select Safe Mode with networking press F5.
    7. Hold the shift key and then press the power button.
    8. As soon as you restart you will be directed to “Choose an option screen

    For Older Version Of Windows

    It is much easy to start the safe mode in the Pc having the older version of windows. The exact method to do so varies from one operating system to another. It works differently in Windows7 and Windows 8 when compared to Windows 10. Before considering any of the methods for running safe mode you, should verify the version of Your operating system. here you will get the windows 7 key.

    Features Of Windows Safe Mode

    • It will not create, prevent or cause any kind of problem in the windows.
    • Safe Mode Helps in identifying error and problems in the current system.
    • It will start the windows with a limited set of drivers and services.
    • The main purpose is to start the windows correctly so that you can figure out the problem on any drive or service interface.
    • You can later eliminate the other elements which are not present in Safe Mode so that your system can run normally.
    • If you can start the windows normally you can access the option of starting it in safe mode next time. You can do so with the help of “System Config. Utility
    • Windows Safe Mode is an easy option to troubleshoot the system problems.


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