WiFi Map Apk Latest Version for Android

WiFI Map Apk Download for Android

WiFi Map Apk Latest Version for Android: WIFI Map Apk is one of the most amazing Android apps which provides you access to free high-speed internet connection. The app, first of all, asks for approval to access your location and then provide you with the list of all the places where free WiFi Connection is available. Here, WiFi Map works like a community where users share their WiFi passwords with the goal to help other users to access free Internet.

Everyday, we are coming across new types of viruses or malware which are very much harmful to our smartphones. Hence, nobody is fully secure in the new digital world. When we come across the term hacking, a very few people are expert in that field. A hacker can hack lots of things in the virtual world, which are not possible by anyone. In hacking, only a few people have reached the advanced level. When we search for WiFi hacking apps, there are plenty of apps on the Internet. Out of which, WiFi hacking apps are much popular. A lot of users install these apps and later damage their smartphone.

WiFi Map Apk Latest Version for Android

WiFi Map Apk Latest Version for Android

App Details WiFi Map Apk
Version 4.1.0
Last Update June 28, 2018
Size 39 MB
Android Version 4.1 & Above
Package io.wifimap.wifimap
Developer WiFi Map LLC
Root Needed No


Presently, a large number of hacking apps which are available on the Internet doesn’t work, as it is not that easy to crack the security protection. These WiFi hacking apps don’t work because they consist of plenty of malware and adware. In order to resolve this problem, here we will provide you the details of an awesome app which provides WiFi passwords rightfully.

The app which we will be talking about is WiFi Map, which allows people to connect to WiFi for free across the globe. Don’t misunderstand this app as a hacking tool as it doesn’t support any kind of hacking. WiFi Map only shows you WiFi Networks openly available.

WiFi Map Apk is a popular app which lets users free Internet. The app allows you to connect to nearby available WiFi hotspots. The apps provide you with details about the WiFi hotspots which are shared by users in your location. You will get a list of all the locations with free internet access.

What is WiFi Map Apk?

Presently, there are a wide number of hacking apps available on the internet which claims to provide you with WiFi passwords. But all of these apps are illegal and may lead you into a trouble. In order to solve this issue, WiFi Map comes into the picture.

WiFi Map is a popular Android app which is used to get free high-speed internet. You can download the app from Google Play Store. The app shows you the list of available WiFi hotspots in your location. First of all, the app asks for permission of your location.

When you give access, the app will search and detect places with both open and protected WiFi access. Thus, WiFi Map acts like a community where people share their WiFi password with the main purpose to help users to access free internet. Also, you can share your WiFi network with the community members.

Features of WiFi Map Apk

WiFi Map is one of the most amazing WiFi apps which you should have on your android device. The app not only provides a list of available WiFi hotspots but lots of other things also, as given below:

Free WiFi: The app provides you with more than 100 Million WiFi hotspots which you can connect. It is very much effective for users who are searching for free internet access.

Free WiFi

Wide Coverage: One of the most surprising things, the app is not only available to bigger countries. The apps show you lists of WiFi networks of airports, small towns as well as villages and remote areas across the globe.

Wide Coverage

Crowdsources by Real People: WiFi networks are mainly added by the members of the WiFi Map Community with the main purpose of providing free internet connectivity to users. You can also add free WiFi networks and share it with your friends.

Crowdsources by Real People

Save Money: As mentioned before, you will be able to connect more than 100 Million WiFi hotspots. This app will be very much useful for users who struggle to pay monthly bills.

Save Money

Cool Interface: People love apps with a good user interface. WiFi Maps provides a good user interface so people can access it easily. The interface is minimal and it doesn’t require high-end specifications to work properly.

Cool Interface

Low Size: A large number of WiFi apps available on Play Store consume at least 50-70 MB on your device. While WiFi Map Apk consumes only 35MB on your device.

Low size

How to Download and Install WiFi?

Follow the simple steps given below:

1. First of all, Visit Google Play Store on your android smartphone or tablet.
2. Then type “WiFi Map” in the search bar.
3. Then you will be able to see a list of apps. Click on
WiFi Map — Free Passwords & Hotspots“.
4. Then install the app in your device.
5. After installation, the app needs access to your location.
6. Provide location access and then you will be able to see a list of available WiFi hotspots in your area.

Wrapping it up

Without any doubt, WiFi Map Apk is a wonderful WiFi app which gives you access to millions of WiFi networks on your device. Hence, you should have this app on your Android device or Tablet.

We hope that you are able to use WiFi Map app relentlessly. If you liked this article, then please share it with your friends and followers. Refer this article to disable vshare pair by using disabling hosters with captchas.


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