Where Is The Control Panel In Windows 10?


    Where Is The Control Panel In Windows 10?: Control panel in windows allows the user to view and change system settings. It basically consists of several applets which will allow you to add or remove different hardware and software.

    It also helps in controlling user account. Some of the additional applets are provided by third parties like audio and video drivers. Third parties also provide VPN tools, an input device, and networking tools. Control panel has been part of Microsoft Windows since Windows 2.0.

    Where Is The Control Panel In Windows 10?
    Where Is The Control Panel In Windows 10?

    ‘      Where Is The Control Panel In Windows 10?

    Here we have shared information on how to open Control Panel in Windows 10. It is useful if you are a desktop user or if you are using windows 10 on any other device like a tablet. Here you can Check Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys.

    To open control panel in windows 10 follow the steps mentioned below.

    • Click on “Start button” and then click on “All apps”.

    If you are using windows 10 on any other device rather than desktop then you should Click on “All Apps ” button from bottom-left of your screen. The icon looks like a tiny list of items.

    • Now Click on Windows System folder.You have to scroll down to see this option.
    • Under  Windows System, folder option clicks on “Control Panel”.
    • Now the “Control Panel ” window will open up.
    • You can now make all the desired changes that you want to make.

    Tip 1: You can even change the view by using “view by the option”.It will let you select a large icon or small icon to show all the applets separately. On the majority of the Windows 10 pc, it opens in Category view.

    Tip 2: The quick way to open Control Panel is to click on “Power User Menu” when you are using a keyboard or mouse. Press WIN+X or right-click on the Start button to open Control Panel.


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