Where Are My Bookmarks ?

    Where Are My Bookmarks
    Where Are My Bookmarks

    Where Are My Bookmarks?: A Bookmark simply means to place something at a particular point of a page or a book.This is done to mark the address so that one can easily find it to visit it again.There are two types of bookmarks one is manual and the other one is electronic.

    An electronic Bookmark is used for internet browsing purpose.Using a Bookmark you can easily save a web page’s address.Saving a Web page’s address will help you to easily visit it again.You can even bookmark your favorite sites so that you don’t miss out or forget their address.

    Different web browsers save the Bookmark in different ways.If you have web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. then stay tuned to know how to bookmark a site and where Are Your Bookmarks stored.

    Where Are My Bookmarks?
    Where Are My Bookmarks?

    Where Are My Bookmarks?

    ‘        Internet Explorer

    If you are an Internet Explorer user then you can Bookmark any site under the favorite category.All you have to do is open the site to be bookmarked and click on “add to your favorites.”

    A dialog box will appear containing the name of the page to be bookmarked.Just by clicking on “ok” button it will be bookmarked.

      Your Bookmarks are stored in C:\Users\[username]\Favorites folder by default.You can change the path by changing the folder while saving the bookmarks.

              Google Chrome

    Google Chrome
    Google Chrome

    Most of the internet users use Google Chrome as a web browser.It is very easy to Bookmark a site or a page in Google Chrome.

    • You just have to open the site you want to bookmark.
    • click star button in the right topmost corner.
    • click “done” button.

    To Find the stored Bookmark you have to

    • Open Google Chrome.
    • Click on the three vertical dots from the top right corner as shown below.
      Google Chrome
    • Click on Bookmarks.
    • In order to access the bookmark faster use bookmarks bar.It will be placed in the address bar.
    • Click on More
    • Now click on Bookmarks >>Show Bookmark bars.

      Your Bookmark is stored in “AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default.

             Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox
    Mozilla Firefox

    To Bookmark a page in Mozilla Firefox you have to follow the below mentioned basic simple steps.

    • Open the page that you want to Bookmark in Mozilla Firefox.
    • Click on the star icon placed at the top right corner.
    Mozilla Firefox
    Mozilla Firefox
    • The star will turn into blue when the page is Bookmarked.
    • You can even name, rename or tag your Bookmark.

     Mozilla Firefox stores your information like your Bookmarks, Download History, Passwords, Browsing History etc. in your profile.In order to access your profile, you have to perform the following steps:

    • click on the windows button  along with pressing R   
    • Now you have to type {1b7b8a2cff0fac33972d3e786c5924855b6f5b91d8bb7af42f21764beaebe8d1}APPDATA{1b7b8a2cff0fac33972d3e786c5924855b6f5b91d8bb7af42f21764beaebe8d1}\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ in the dialog box.
    • Double click the profile folder you wish to open.

    If you are a windows user then you use Ctrl+D to bookmark a site in any web browser.

    Hope you found this information useful.We regularly update the content of this site to provide the latest information.If you have any queries regarding this post please drop a comment below.


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