What’s the Difference Between CC and BCC When Sending an Email


What’s the Difference Between CC and BCC When Sending an Email

There are five things we need to fill while sending an email. Which are as follows.

CC stands for Carbon Copy, and the word BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Now what is and why it is used? Let’s see it.

What is Carbon Copy Explained?

Carbon Copy paper which is in blue and a black color mostly. When you keep the carbon copy paper between two papers. Whenever you write something, it is automatically printed in another paper. It pushes the ink which is on the carbon paper.

What is Blind Carbon Copy?

Suppose you are sending me an email and you don’t need to show the other user that you have sent me an email. Just because when you send the message to the group all the users will know whom you have sent the email. They can read your email. The BCC is used to hide the information.

When to Use CC and BCC?

When to use CC?

Suppose you need to send an email copy to someone, but they are not primary recipient.

When to use BCC?

Suppose you are having a huge number of email address. There are too many users you want to send the email address. You will add all the user’s email in the BCC field and the To section you will add your email address. This way you will be able to hide the information of all users email address.

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