What Is ROKU?

    What Is ROKU?
    What Is ROKU?

    What Is Roku?: Lately, there is a buzz in the market about cord cutting and streaming the video content on television wirelessly. This post is dedicated to one such device which allows streaming the content of internet wirelessly on television.

    What Is Roku?
    What Is Roku?

    What Is Roku?

    Describing in simple words, Roku is used for watching the content on television via an internet connection wirelessly. You can easily watch free or paid content on your television with a minimum requirement of good internet connection using Roku.

    Services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube etc. are loaded on Roku to provide wireless transmission on television. Usually, the content available is pre-recorded on Roku but few services like Lulu allows the viewers to watch the content just after a day of it’s airing. Services like Sling TV provides the facility of live content viewing.

    In order to experience a high-quality on-demand experience of online content, it is advisable to use Roku device and Tv antenna both.

    Roku is 6- inch device which is square in shape. It is the simplest way of streaming online content on Tv. Initially, when Roku was launched in 2008 it had only Netflix but as the market for such services grew widely Roku, now has almost all services available.

    There are total 5 devices of Roku out in the market for streaming.

    • Three set-top streaming boxes.
    1. Roku Ultra.
    2. Roku Express.
    3. Express+.
    • Two types of sticks.
    1. Roku Streaming Stick.
    2. Roku Streaming Stick Plus.

    All of the above-mentioned devices are currently available on Amazon.

    Features Of Roku

    There are various good features of Roku which enhances the experience of users.

    • Cross-Platform Search

    For a single search that you make Roku, will search more than 20 applications and services to find all the possible availabilities. Furthermore, it will let you know where you can access the show for free, with a subscription or by paying money.

    • Voice Search

    The remote in Roku Ultra comes with a top-notch voice search functionality. It has almost 90{1b7b8a2cff0fac33972d3e786c5924855b6f5b91d8bb7af42f21764beaebe8d1} of accuracy in finding out the right movies and shows by taking voice commands through the remote.

    • Roku My Feed

    My Feed is an extremely great feature which all versions of Roku consist. It simply helps you to organize and keep track of all the content that you view through Roku. You just have to follow your favorite show and the rest will be taken care by Roku. It will notify you as soon as the new episode or season is out.

    • The Roku App

    You can download The Roku App from Google Play Store or iTunes. It is a great way to enjoy all the features of Roku in a handy way. It is highly recommended to download and use it if you are using Roku. It will provide the facility of voice search as well as a keyboard for typing for all versions of Roku.

    Free Channels On Roku

    There are a plethora of free channels available on Roku. Including some of the famous channels too. Here is the link which will show the list of all the free channels available on Roku.

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