What Is DDNS?

    What Is DDNS?
    What Is DDNS?

    What Is DDNS?: DDNS stands for Dynamic Domain Name Service.It provides service of mapping an internet domain name to its Internet Protocol address called IP addresses.


    What Is DDNS?

    DDNS stands for Dynamic Domain Name Service.It provides service of mapping an internet domain name to its Internet Protocol address called IP address.

    It facilitates you to access your home computer from anywhere in the world.DDNS is much similar to DNS(Domain Name System) and provides the same type of service.DDNS allows hosting of any web or FTP server use a public name.

    The main difference between a DDNS and a DNS is that DDNS can work with both static IP address as well as dynamic IP address(changing) as assigned to DHCP, but DNS can only work with static one.

    Note: DDNS and DDOS are two different things even though they look similar.

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    How Does DDNS Work?

    To start using DDNS you need to sign up to dynamic DNS provider and along with that, you have to install their software on your computer.The computer which you are using for signing up will serve as your server, file server or web server.

    The function of the software is to keep track of dynamic IP address and the changes.The software will notify DDNS service whenever the address is changed and asks for an update.In return, the DDNS service updates the account with new IP address.

    You don’t have to worry because as long as the software is running it will keep sending visitors to your host server irrespective of the change in IP address.

    DDNS service is not used for static IP address because There is no change in IP address after it is set for the first time.

    Need Of Using DDNS

    DDNS service is needed when you want to host your own website and also when you want an anytime, anywhere access.You might also need it when you want to handle your remote computer from a distant place.

     Where Can You Get Free DDNS Service

    If you need a free DDNS service than you will find several free DDNS service provider which will be supported by different operating systems like Windows, Mac, or Linux.

    The only thing that you should keep in mind while using a free service is that you won’t get any URL of your choice.For example, you just can’t use files.google.org as your file server address.You have a limited choice for selecting URL after you pick a hostname.

    Suppose you are using NOIP as your free service provider then you might get some random mixture of words as your hostname.If you want a customized hostname than you should go for paid DDNS service otherwise you will end up getting names like opto.org or zapto.org.

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