What Is Airtel Smartbytes?

    What Is Airtel Smartbytes?
    What Is Airtel Smartbytes?

    What Is Airtel Smartbytes?: Right after not so positive response of Airtel customers on high-speed data transfer limits on “unlimited plan” the company made changes. Customers demanded the fair policy over it.

    Airtel came up with a change. Now you can still access high-speed internet even after reaching your package’s data usage limit. This will save you from settling for low bandwidth when you are close to data usage limit.

    What Is Airtel Smartbytes?
    What Is Airtel Smartbytes?

    .       Details

    Smartbytes is the additional data that customers can purchase when they run out of high-speed data. It starts from a minimum rate of RS.99 and goes up. The range of Smartbyte is from 1GB to 50GB.

    Along with high-speed data the customers can even track their monthly data usage. It will also notify about your billing cycle and amount of data left in your plan. The feature of sending a notification when the user reaches 80{1b7b8a2cff0fac33972d3e786c5924855b6f5b91d8bb7af42f21764beaebe8d1} and 100{1b7b8a2cff0fac33972d3e786c5924855b6f5b91d8bb7af42f21764beaebe8d1} of limit is already provided by Airtel.

    .       How to use Airtel Smartbytes?

    Customers who have crossed 80{1b7b8a2cff0fac33972d3e786c5924855b6f5b91d8bb7af42f21764beaebe8d1} of usage limit can log on to Airtel.in/smartbytes.For this, they can use an Airtel DSL connection. From this, they can select an additional data usage pack of their choice.

    Below are some plans listed with pricing which you will get as options to select for getting the Smartbyte.

    1GB for Rs. 99 10GB for Rs. 499
    2GB for Rs. 159 20GB for Rs. 799
    5GB for Rs. 299 50GB for Rs. 1,499

    .       Benefits Of Using Smartbytes

    • It will provide on-demand speed. You can purchase additional high-speed whenever required.
    • You keep track of your internet expenditure so that you can easily keep a check on your budget. Smartbytes will let you manage your expense by keeping note of it.
    • It is hassle-free as it has easy top-up options. It will provide data usage reminders regularly.
    • Up-tops are very budget-friendly and let the user select according to their requirement.
    • Tremendous speed will surely make user find it helpful as a last minute savior.


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