What Is a Webinar?

    What Is a Webinar?
    What Is a Webinar?

     What Is a Webinar: A Webinar is a short form of representation of web-based seminar.A seminar is the representation of any kind of a workshop, audio, Videography or education on the particular topic.When this seminar is conducted online than it is called as a Webinar.

    With the growing technology, it is possible to join a seminar that is conducted online just by connecting it to a smart device like a smartphone, computer, tablet or a laptop.People from all around the world can join at the same time.

    What Is a Webinar?

    What Is a Webinar?
    What Is a Webinar?

    Video chatting platforms like Skype, IMO, GooglePlus is suitable for two individuals or a small group of people for casual meetings and chats but when there are a huge amount of people from different places and countries something standard and professional like a Webinar is required.

    Key Features Of a Webinar

    • It allows interactive session, receive, share and discuss information.
    • Using proper Webinar software participants can exchange information, share video, audio, ask questions etc.
    • When the presenter is speaking, right at that moment the participants can share links, desktop applications and chat.
    • Facilities like live streaming and recording the Webinar for publishing it later on any social media platform is also possible.
    • Poll and survey can also be conducted through Webinar.

    How to join in for a Webinar? 

    You need to see what type of software or service is used by the organizer and download it for attending that Webinar.Some Webinars are conducted by sending special invites by sending out the links which are to be clicked for joining in.

    Most of the Webinar holder will send you reminder an hour or two before the joining time so that you don’t miss out.Two or more Webinar on the same topic can be conducted to address a large number of people on that topic and take care of the time zones.

    At the time of joining in you have to make a call for getting in or sometimes link are enough where you are asked to give some credentials which they have already provided you at the time of registration.Some organizers even provide access to replay the Webinar if someone has missed it.

    How To Host Your Own Webinar

    To host your own Webinar you have to select a Webinar service provider.Most of the time it is not available for free for long-term use but for a short period(30 days)you might get it for free.

    Advantages Of Webinar

    • Easy and convenient for both presenters and attendees.
    • convenient and effective for professional use.
    • Anywhere, anytime access features of a Webinar allow saving time and access at home or your preferable place.
    • No more issues of arranging the venue, tea breaks, and accommodation problems.
    • Can be used for multiple purposes.
    What is webinar
    What is webinar

    Necessary Things For a Webinar

    If you are an attendee than you must be prepared with a good internet connection, headphones and a notepad (optional)

    If you are the presenter than you must have a good internet access, webcam, microphone or headphone.

    To continue the Webinar you don’t require any additional software just to start a video conference you require basic stuff like microphone, acoustic speakers, and a webcam.There is no special requirement for technical knowledge.You can use any search engine for queries and even watch a video on youtube to start your own Webinar.

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