What Is a Good Download Speed?

    What Is a Good Download Speed?
    What Is a Good Download Speed?

    What Is a Good Download Speed?: We are so amused by the offers that various broadband dealers promise to provide.But honestly, do they provide the high-speed internet that they promise to give?.Many of you will say “no” as the answer to the above question and if you are stuck with the question that how to know the speed of your internet and what is a good download speed?then you are on the right page.

    What Is a Good Download Speed?
    What Is a Good Download Speed?

    What Is a Good Download Speed?

    In this post, we will discuss on good upload and download speeds and how much speed is required for using internet for entertainment.It will also help you to test your current internet speed and how to find a perfect broadband connection for your needs.

    So, let’s start!

    How Fast Is Your Internet?

    There are various factors that work together to determine your internet speed(download speed and upload speed).One of the biggest factors that matter is the distance between home, local street cabinet, telephone exchange and the product that you have purchased.This will define ‘line speed’ that reached your home and ultimately brings speed to your connection that you will experience, which might be high or low.It will also depend on the number of devices that are sharing the same internet connection.

    What Is a Good Download Speed?
    What Is a Good Download Speed?

    Before we discuss other things, it will be better if you test your internet speed so that you can get a clear idea of good, bad and average speed.You can check your speed easily by clicking here.

    What Are Good Upload And Download Speed?

    Different ISP(Internet Service Provider) provides different speed.There are the different perspective to look at a good upload and download speed.It is always advisable to check the speed in your device and see whether you are getting the speed for which you have paid money to your local ISP(for example: if you paid to get 100Mbps and you are getting only 10Mbps than it is very disappointing.)

    What Is a Good Download Speed?
    What Is a Good Download Speed?

    The speed which broadband service provider advertises is the peak speed which can hardly be obtained but a decent speed which can be termed as “high-speed” should be archived.To get a clear idea about your current speed you can run the above-mentioned test.

    What Is Internet Speed Required For Using the Internet for Entertainment?

    The other way to get a general idea of your internet speed or download speed is to see that you are getting enough speed to use all the application that you wish to use.Most of the users use internet for gaming, watching videos, using social media, uploading pictures on various social media platforms.

    Internet speed for Netflix

    • 0.5Mbps – Required speed
    • 1.5Mbps – Recommended speed
    • 3.0Mbps – SD quality
    • 5.0Mbps – HD quality
    • 25Mbps – Ultra HD 4K quality

    Internet speed for Skype (download/upload)

    • 100kbps / 100kbps – Calling
    • 300kbps / 300kbps – Video calling
    • 500kbps / 500kbps – High-quality video calling
    • 1.5Mbps / 1.5Mbps – HD quality video calling
    • 2Mbps / 512kbps – Group video calling (up to 3 people)

    Internet speed for YouTube

    • 1+Mbps – Recommended

    Finding a right Broadband Speed for Your Needs

    Standard ADSL broadband package is best for you if you want to use internet for surfing, reading web pages, do online shopping or check emails.ADSL will support all activities with sufficient speed.

     Fiber optic package is needed for those users who stream online videos, download songs and movies etc.Fiber optics will provide high-speed internet speed which helps you with high-speed streaming and quick download.It will also help you in watching HD content.

    What Is a Good Download Speed?
    What Is a Good Download Speed?

    Fiber optic package with a speed of 50Mbps or more should be taken into consideration for the user who has heavy internet use on daily bases.Users who watch HD movies and videos online should go for this type of connection for high speed.Activites like watching shows and videos on Netflix, Youtube etc are easily supported by the optic package with a speed of 50Mbps or more.If you are among those who upload a large amount of image and video content on Facebook or you-tube than you can go for Fibre products as they will give you upload speed up to 76Mbps and also good download speed.


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