What Does YOLO Mean?

    What Does YOLO Mean?
    What Does YOLO Mean?

    What Does YOLO Mean?: If you are a social media user than it very likely that you might have come across “YOLO” in any text, comment or hashtag version of it, like #YOLO.It actually stands for You Only Live Once.



    What Does YOLO Mean?
    What Does YOLO Mean?

    What Does YOLO Mean?

    Meaning: You Live Only Once is a term used to symbolize enthusiasm for doing some kind of activity.It is trending since 2011.You can even search it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by using it as #YOLO keyword which is the hashtag version of it.

    Origin of YOLO: It is believed that YOLO is originated from a famous phrase ‘carpe diem’ (‘seize the day’).It is used to inspire someone to do something or to justify any stupid act in terms of bravery.It generally means that life is short and you should do everything in order to gain experience and enjoy because you only get to live once.

    How To Use YOLO?

    Example 1

    User 1: My best friend and I have decided to for skydiving this weekend.

    User 2: dude, have you gone crazy?

    User 1: YOLO!

    User 2: haha! wish I had such daring to try this type of things.

    Example 2

    User 1: There are water sports in the river near my town.I have planned to go and try them out this weekend.

    User 2: What! Have you lost your mind?that river is so dangerous.

    User 1: YOLO!

    Yolo is very famous and is widely used by young adults and teenagers.It is also used in different memes and it is trending on various social media platforms.

    Social Media Abbreviations

    There are various social media abbreviations and slang that are very popular and are widely preferred by users.Here are few of them mentioned below so that you can check them out too.

    Some Common Queries

    Should texting abbreviation be capitalized or Non-capitalized?

    It is perfectly fine to use YOLO in both upper and lower case as both will mean the same thing.The only thing to be taken care of is that you should never write the whole sentence in uppercase as it is considered rude.

    Should proper punctuation be considered important?

    Abbreviations with punctuation or without punctuation both are acceptable.For Example, TLDR(Too Long, Didn’t Read) can be used as simply TLDR or TL;DR.

    Is It advisable to Use Dots Between Your Jargon letter?

    No, you should try not to use dots between your jargons because it will kill your thumb typing speed.

    For example, you should simply type YOLO instead of Y.O.L.O.

    When To USE YOLO

    A smart person is the one who knows when to use a particular word and when to not.It is recommended that you know your audience first before you use any of jargons. When you are in the middle of some formal and professional conversation, you should not use YOLO.It can be used when chatting with friends.


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