What Does WYD Mean?

    What Does WYD Mean?
    What Does WYD Mean?

    What Does WYD Mean: Many times while making conversation on social media you might have come across “WYD?“.If you don’t know the meaning then it is hard for you to respond to the other person.WYD stands for What You Doing? It is a slang which is used as a question to ask another person.

    What Does WYD Mean?

    What Does WYD Mean?
    What Does WYD Mean?


    What You Doing?

    Grammatically WYD is not correct.The correct version should be ” What Are You Doing?”.But on social media, anything that is easy to use and sounds cool trends and users doesn’t care whether it is grammatically correct or not.It turns out to be a cool, user-friendly slang.There are other meanings too for which WYD? which can be an acronym but when it is used with a question mark it only means What You Doing?

    How To Use WYD?

    The most popular and common way to use WYD? is to ask a question in a similar way as one will use in face to face conversation.It can be a standalone question used for starting a conversation or to be used to continue an ongoing conversation.

    As it is the question used to gather information regarding the other person’s current activity or any kind of activity WYD? is much used on all the instant messaging social platforms.While some of you might feel it odd, most of the social media user use this in private chats or real-time conversation.

    Sometimes WYD? becomes the part of regular statement when used hypothetically for commenting on a particular situation.It is also seen in status and captions on the social network.

    Examples Of How To Use WYD?

    Example 1

    Friend @1: “Wyd?”

    Friend @2: “NM just reading.”

    Here Friend1 asks a question to Friend 2 “Wyd?”  which stands for What You Doing and means “what are you doing?” In order to gather information about Friend 2.Friend 2 replies using an acronym NM( nothing much) and states the activity.

    Example 2

    Friend @1: Wyd after class tomorrow?”

    Friend @2: “Prob going shopping.”

    Most of the time the acronym is used as the standalone question but sometimes it can be used with a long statement which acts as a question.Here when Friend 1 asks about the plan for tomorrow after class friend 2 replies stating the activity.

    Example 3

    “My sister eat up all the Nutella from the jar and left before I woke up…wyd girl that ain’t cool.”

    In this example WYD? is used hypothetically to make a comment on a particular situation.Here the person making this comment doesn’t want to pose a question and get an answer rather they are using to express their views on the scenario.


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