What Does TFW Mean?

    What Does TFW Mean?
    What Does TFW Mean?

    What Does TFW Mean: We all must be using one or the other social media slangs like OMG(oh my god), IDK(i don’t know), BTW(by the way) and many more.One such internet slang is TFW which stands for That Feel When.

    What Does TFW Mean?

    What Does TFW Mean?
    What Does TFW Mean?

    when To Use

    It is very popular slang which is used to describe a particular feeling that you can relate to.It is not grammatically correct but is widely used to express feelings that the other person on the internet can understand.As it is open-ended enough some people might have different versions of there own.

    How To Use


    example:”TFW when you miss a train.

    example:”TFW when clear a difficult exam.

    example:”TFW when you are hungry and don’t have food to eat.

    The above examples are enough to give you a clear idea of how WTF works.Basically, it is used in the beginning of the sentence followed by some common word, an activity that is done in past.

    Tips For Getting Grip On TWF

    To make TWF more fun and exciting you can use it in the humorous way as TFW can go with some common activities and make it sound unusual and funny.It works perfectly to describe hilarious odds.

    Example: TFW when you are from NewYork and haven’t told anyone in 8 minutes.

    Funny? oh yes.

    Trying to put out something funny user might also use TWF in the beginning of a completely unrelatable scenario which is ridiculous but somewhat imaginable.(that’s where the fun is.)This acronym is very famous on twitter as people keep posting funny stuff there and use lots of short forms to describe their feelings.

    Memes and acronyms trend so much but most of the time their source stays unknown.It is observed that WTF is popularly used by Younger social media user who has no issues with spelling any word incorrectly or grammatically wrong.

    Even though there are various social media sites and lots of textual and visual aid along with everyone’s favorite emojis which helps in expressing better, TWF sort of adds an extra dimension to express a particular feeling in a most communicable way.

    TWF – The Origin.

    The origin is not known but the buzz is that it was derived from a very famous meme which was   I Know That Feel Bro.  in which two characters are hugging each other as they can understand each others feeling.

    Memes are widely accepted by people all over the globe whether it be a good slang or a bad one it is always trending when first arrived.Since they help in expressing better when you want to convey your emotions to people over the internet.

    Let it be  Feels Good,  Feels Good, Man, or simply just Feels and Feels Bad Man there is a constant up- gradation in the language of memes which helps people it express even better.

    Not only in the forms of memes TFW can also be used in the form of  GIF which will let you express visually.This kind of things is used and loved by all age groups especially the younger ones.


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