What Does IIRC Mean?

    What Does IIRC Mean?
    What Does IIRC Mean?

    What Does IIRC Mean?: IIRC stands for If I Recall Correctly.It is used when one wants to give some advice or statement and also want to tell that they are not completely sure about it.It is widely used during chatting on social media or stating some points in the email.

    What Does IIRC Mean?
    What Does IIRC Mean?

    What Does IIRC Mean?

    How To Use IIRC?

    Example 1

    User 1: My doctor told me that soft drinks can lead to the tooth decay.

    User 2: That’s exactly what my dentist told to me when I last time went for clean up.IIRC, the soft drink contains sugar and high-fructose which causes the damage.

    Example 2

    User 1: do you know if it is allowed to pay taxes online?

    User 2: IIRC, it is not allowed to pay taxes online.

    Different ways to use IIRC

    • IIRC, you need to first create an account before using it.
    • IIRC, the key was placed on right side of the table and not on the left.
    • It is a government organization, IIRC.
    • IIRC, you can’t enter an airport without having a ticket.
    • This law is only applied in two states of USA, IIRC
    • IIRC, that place remains closed on Friday.
    • IIRC, you should not have those medicines without a prescription.
    • I’m not sure about unprocessed fish food. IIRC, there was a study that it can be harmful to the fishes.
    • IIRC, he used to stay near my house.

     Social Media Abbreviations

    There are various social media abbreviations and slang that are very popular and are widely preferred by users.Here are few of them mentioned below so that you can check them out too.

    Should texting abbreviation be capitalized or Non-capitalized?

    It is perfectly fine to use IIRC in both upper and lower case as both will mean the same thing.The only thing to be taken care of is that you should never write the whole sentence in uppercase as it is considered rude.

    Should proper punctuation be considered important?

    Abbreviations with punctuation or without punctuation both are acceptable.For Example, TLDR(Too Long, Didn’t Read) can be used as simply TLDR or TL;DR.

    Is It advisable to Use Dots Between Your Jargon letter?

    No, you should try not to use dots between your jargons because it will kill your thumb typing speed.

    For example, you should simply type IIRC instead of I.I.R.C.

    When To USE IIRC

    A smart person is the one who knows when to use a particular word and when to not.It is recommended that you know your audience first before you use any of jargons. When you are in the middle of some formal and professional conversation, you should not use IIRC.It can be used when chatting with friends.


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