What Does HMU Mean?

    What Does HMU Mean?
    What Does HMU Mean?

    What Does HMU Mean?: If you are a social media user then you must have come across a recently trending slang called “HMU”.Lots of messages or verbal interaction consist of this slang and are widely used by teenagers and young adults.

    What Does HMU Mean?
    What Does HMU Mean?


    It basically stands for “Hit Me Up”.It means that one person asks another person to Contact, call or text.It is the modern way to invite another person for the further conversation.Basically, Hmu means one person asks another person for something.For example, She keeps hitting me up about the meeting which was canceled.


    It is perfectly fine to use HMU in both upper and lower case as both will mean the same thing.The only thing to be taken care of is that you should never write the whole sentence in uppercase as it is considered rude.

    How To Use HMU?

    Example 1:

    User1: Can you send me the file?

    User2: Okay, HMU with your email address so that I can send you.

    Example 2:

    User1: Hey, HMU at 10 pm so that I can transfer those files in time.

    User2: Sure, I’ll hit you up at 10 PM.

    Example 3:

    User1: I want to borrow the book that you had yesterday.

    User2: Okay, I’ll hit you up when I find it.

    When To USE HMU

    A smart person is the one who knows when to use a particular word and when to not.It is recommended that you know your audience first before you use any of jargons. When you are in the middle of some formal and professional conversation, you should not use HMU.It can be used when chatting with friends or any other informal conversation on social media.








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