What Does .Com Mean?

    What Does .Com Mean?
    What Does .Com Mean?

    What Does .Com Mean?: When the internet started using Domain Name System that’s when.Com came into the picture. .Com was the first to make its mark in the TLDs(Top Level Domains.)A computer manufacturer company( Symbolics)first claimed it on 15 March 1985.

    What Does .Com Mean?
    What Does .Com Mean?

    What Does .Com Mean?

    Many of you might be wondering that what exactly is TLDs.Here is an example, the .com used behind www.tricks11.com is a TLDs.It is the most used and common TLDs.

    There are different TLD and each is used for specific purpose..Com stands for commercial and the sites which use.Com TLD contains commercial content.

    Different TLDs are:

    • .GOV: used for government sites.
    • .ORG: used by groups or organizations.
    • .INFO: used for informational sites
    • .BIZ: used for Businesses sites.
    • .NET: used for commercial sites.

    How Too Regester for.Com Website?

    Earlier when a site used.Com as TLD than it had its own significance.It meant that the site is under the top 100 websites in world wide web.It was especially used by the publishers who made the profit through the web.

    It is not same now, as .com is used by almost all sites and has become very common.Anyone can easily have.Com as registration authorities have expanded there boundaries.

    Buying a.COM Website

    You can buy a domain name from the Domain registrars.They have different domains reserved and provides on request.They are the bridge between the customer and the quasi-governmental agencies.

    usually, domain registrars let you choose any TLD whereas, some of them will let you have.Com included with the domain name.

    • Google Domains
    • Namecheap
    • GoDaddy
    • 1&1
    • Name.com

    Other Top-Level Domains

    There are different types of TLDs available as options in the market.You can even go for.ORG or .NET for non-profit organization sites.They are just like.COM and are easily available.

    TDLs are also based on the country code like FR for France, RU for Russia and many more.They are made up of only two letters whereas normal TLDs are of three letters.

    The “sponsored” TLDs like(JOBS, .MOBI, .INT) have some rules and restriction for buying and use.The Root Zone Database has the information of all the delegation for TLDs.


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