What Does ASL Mean?

    What does ASL Mean
    What does ASL Mean

    What Does ASL Mean?: ASL stands for age/sex/location.It is a common abbreviation used on social media for asking the age/sex/location to another person who is new to that social media platform or new to a chat group.

    What Does ASL Mean?
    What Does ASL Mean?

    What Does ASL Mean?

    It is clearly used for obtaining the information regarding age, sex, and location of the person and can be used in both lower and upper case(A/S/L or’a/s/l’ ).Different type of punctuations will only change its appearance and not the meaning.

    Be Careful: many times when someone asks about ASL the hidden meaning of that question might be to take any type of sexual advantage or to flirt.

    How To Use ASL?

    Example 1

     User 1: Hello everyone, I’m new in the town.Can someone guide me to Block 208?

    User 2: New fish in the town!A/S/L?

    User 3: High hopes!I’m 32/athletic woman/work with your parents.Happy?

    Example 2

    user 1: Hello, I need to buy a new TV set and I’m new to town.Can someone help me out?

    user 2: welcome to the town, what are your ASL?what features do you want on the TV set?

    user 1: I’m 25, male, and live in NewYork.I have about $1000 to invest in.

    How To Respond To ASL?

    It is advised to be honest but not too open because you can easily invite problems by being too open and friendly.Try not to give your exact location or any other identical proof through which you can be traced.

    Example of bad response would be:

    21/female/Liverpool in UK.(this will disclose your region and location clearly)

    Example of good response would be:

    • Old enough to know your intentions/married female/California.
    • 42/male/Canada
    • younger than I look/dude/north Africa.

    Some Common Queries

     Should texting abbreviation be capitalized or Non-capitalized?

     It is perfectly fine to use ASL in both upper and lower case as both will mean the same thing.The only thing to be taken care of is that you should never write the whole sentence in uppercase as it is considered rude.

    Should proper punctuation be considered important?

    Abbreviations with punctuation or without punctuation both are acceptable.For Example, TLDR(Too Long, Didn’t Read) can be used as simply TLDR or TL;DR.

    Is It advisable to Use Dots Between Your Jargon letter?

    No, you should try not to use dots between your jargons because it will kill your thumb typing speed.

    For example, you should simply type ASL instead of A.S.L.

    When To USE ROFL

    A smart person is the one who knows when to use a particular word and when to not.It is recommended that you know your audience first before you use any of jargons.When you are in the middle of some formal and professional conversation, you should not use ASL.It can be used when chatting with a casual group of people.


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