Download Titanium Backup Pro APK For Android – Latest Version 2018

Titanium Backup Pro APK
Titanium Backup Pro APK

Download Titanium Backup Pro APK For Android – Latest Version 2018: In this era of technology, one cannot imagine a life without a smartphone.Whether we agree or not but, smartphones have now become an integral part of our lives.Right from morning to night we spend almost 4 to 5 hours on an average using our smartphones and sometimes even more than that.

Just a few swipes and clicks make our work simple and fast.The spice added to smartphones is the social media.Majority of us mostly use a smartphone to use various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Our phones consist of tons of images, audio files, videos, contacts and what not.Ever imagined what if the device stops working and all the data is lost?yes, that sounds horrible but the bitter truth is that your lovely smartphone is an electronic device and can be damaged anytime.

Download Titanium Backup Pro APK For Android – Latest Version 2018

Titanium Backup Pro APK
Titanium Backup Pro APK

The only option that you have when your device is damaged is of taking backup.Many devices already have an inbuilt backup option but most of them won’t allow you to take full back up and you might suffer data loss.

To help you out, there are various backup options available in the market and the most famous and efficient one is Titanium Backup Pro developed by Titanium Tracks.There are others too but not as good as this one is.

Basic System Requirement

This application is capable enough to support old and new technologies.The only basic requirement is that your device should be running on Android version 1.5 and above.

How To Install Titanium Backup Pro

  1.  Firstly you need to open Google play store smartphone browser or you can even use Google play store application.
  2. search Titanium Backup Pro on the search panel.
  3. The search result will show the application, just click install and it will be automatically installed.
  4. You can get it directly from

How To Use Titanium Backup Pro?

How To Use Titanium Backup Pro?
How To Use Titanium Backup Pro?
  1. Open the application after it has been completely installed from the play store.
  2. Before running the application make sure that the device is rooted because if the device is not rooted then it will not work.
  3. After rooting the device, open this application and you will see a black screen which will consist your phone configuration and other options.
  4. Click on the menu option(right top)and from various options select ‘Batch Options’.
  5. Now select Backup all user+ system application and then select a destination for your backup to be stored.
  6. The backup will be successfully stored at the desired location.

Interface of Titanium Backup Pro

The layout of Titanium Backup Pro is simple and plane.One can easily figure out that the developers have not given many efforts for the interface of Titanium Backup Pro.It seems like all the attention was paid to features rather than the design and layout.

The interface lacks in colors and there is no splash page(which users like us love), and the same thing goes with Titanium Backup Pro version as it is also lacking in colors and attractive interface.

It is user-friendly because the options are clear and the outlook is modern enough.Navigation and backup process is simple.


Functionality and User-Friendliness

There are two different versions of this application.The free version that is, Titanium Backup will simply help you to take the backup and later restore it, while the Titanium Backup Pro version is the paid version which will cost you $5.99 and provide you various features and enhance your experience.It is you who has to decide which version will suit and full-fill your requirement.

When it comes to user-friendliness then we would definitely say that yes, it is user-friendly along with that it is easy to use and keeps your data safe and secure.

Using Titanium Backup Pro you can take backup of any system loaded with any number of application and data.

Along with the above-mentioned features, you get to access ‘Market Doctor’ tool which will automatically connect all your application to Google play store.Later on, if you wish to remove any of the connection than you can go for the link destruction option which will remove all your connection.

Converting your normal application into system application so that they don’t get uninstalled even when the system is reset is possible with Titanium Backup Pro.It can be counted in those few apps which will guarantee 100{1b7b8a2cff0fac33972d3e786c5924855b6f5b91d8bb7af42f21764beaebe8d1} backup without any deletion.

Value For Money

For any smartphone, backup plays an important role.A smart-phone without backup option is a free invitation to data loss.

If you go for the free version you will get the basic functionality like backup and restore.The paid version has many more options and features which will cost you $5.99 and at some point, we think it is worth paying.If you don’t want to spend money and still want to use Titanium Backup Pro than you can go for free APK.


As Titanium Backup Pro is rated the number one back up application on twitter and we would also say that it is worth giving a shot.With its simple design, easy to use features, easy backup feature it surely stands out in the market.

As it is very compact it doesn’t require much space in your system so the system has no extra burden for allocating space.Working with Titanium Backup Pro is smooth, light and easy.

The only disadvantage of this system is that it will ask you to root your device first.Rooting the device will open the gate to a number of security-related issues.The free version has many ads in-between which will annoy the user.It’s interface and dull color design joins the list of disadvantage.

Apart from all this, all other functionality and features are top-notch and efficient for any smartphone.

When it comes to rating this application, we would give it 6.5 for layout and 9 for features and efficiency out of 10.


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