Now Instagram will bring favorites feature let’s know here



Instagram will bring favorites feature, much more will be special

Good news for people who love to share photos. Photo Sharing App Instagram is about to bring a new favorites feature soon for its users. This new feature of Insta will be known as favorites. Currently the company is testing this feature and after successful testing it will be offered to the users.

Now Instagram will bring favorites feature let’s know here:-

This feature will have many special and intriguing options for users, which will make users’ experience even more fun. Learn about this feature here.

Audiences will be able to customize-Users will have the option to choose who they want to share their photos with after the Festival features comes in Instagram. Users will have the option of sharing the image with select people.

Green Beige Option-A new Favorite tab will appear on Instagram. It will show all the posts of users, which they have shared with their favorite groups. Friends in favorites tabs will be able to see your posts through a green beige.

Add and Remove Option-Instagram users can remove any friend from this favorite list at any time and can add a new one. The special thing is that the notification to withdraw from this list will not go near your friends.

Favorite List Limit-There are no information on how many users will be included in a user’s favorite list. There are speculations that this number can be between 10 and 30.

Archive feature-Instagram, with 700 million users, recently added a new archive feature. You can use this feature for photos you do not want to show to friends. For this you will not need to delete those pictures. Instagram then added new face filters and hashtag features to its app.


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