How To Use Google Chrome Task Manager

    How To Use Google Chrome Task Manager
    How To Use Google Chrome Task Manager

    How To Use Google Chrome Task Manager: In this post, we have shared information about the Task Manager in Google Chrome and how to use it. All the User who uses Google Chrome and wants to know about Task Manager in it should read further.

    How To Use Google Chrome Task Manager
    How To Use Google Chrome Task Manager

    How To Use Google Chrome Task Manager

    Go Ahead!

    The greatest advantage of using Google Chrome is that it works on multiple thread architecture. It means that you can have separate tabs for different work and one thing will never interrupt the other thing. All the process are different and independent of the main thread. If one tab gets ‘s hold up due to some issue it won’t affect other tabs nor will lead to any kind of issue in the browser.

    Sometimes Chrome will act strange or show some problem which will make you feel like it is hung or something. In that situation, Task Manager is all you need to rescue you from this and shutting the browser.

    Google Chrome Task Manager will show you CPU, memory and network usage of each tab and plugin. You can kill any process separately with a single click of the mouse.Below is information on how to use Task Manager in Chrome Os, windows and mac os.

    If you are a Chrome OS user or windows click on the three vertical dots placed in the top right corner. From the menu click on Tools option.Now click on option labeled Task manager.

    If you are a Mac OS user, Click on Window in the Chrome menu. It will be located on the top of your screen. From the drop-down menu select Task Manager.

    You can use following shortcuts in Windows and Chrome OS.

    • Shift + Esc (Windows)
    • Search + Esc (Chrome OS)

    After selecting chrome Task Manager it will appear on the top of the browser. It will display all the statics like Memory, CPU, Network for each of the tab opened in Google Chrome. It will show the same for all the plugins running in the Google Chrome. To end any process just click on its name and then click on end button.

    Hope you found this information useful. If you still have any doubts or queries regarding Google Task Manager or, usage you can drop down a comment and we will try to make sure that your problem is solved.

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