How to Hack a FB Id By Event ?


Step 1 :==>>

First We Need To Make A

Facebook Page. ( Name It Anything I

Suggest Name To Suite With Event

Name ) I Think Many Of You Know

About How To Make A FaceBook

Page. But Some Peoples Not Know

How To Make It So This First Step For

Their. If You Know How To Make A

Facebook Page Then You Can Simply

Ignore This Step. So If You Not know

How To Make It Then Follow The

Guide. –

Go To http://

Select Any Category And

Name Your Page And Click Get

Started. -Fill Up Captcha And -Fill Up

Other Info And Click Continue. Your

Page Is Ready.

Step 2 :==>> Now We

Need To Make An Event From The

Page That we Make So Our Identity

Can Secure. To Make A Event From

The Page You Made Follow The

Procedure Below. – Go To The Page

You Made. – In Right Side Of Page

Click On Use Facebook as Your Page


Now Go To http:// And

Click On Create Event. Now You

Learned How To Make A Page And

How To Make A Event From A Page.

And Now You Have To Learn How To

Make Event Attractive So Peoples Do

All That You Say. So Follow The Step

3. Step 3:==>> In Event Name Type

An Attractive Title. Ex. Win An Apple

IPhone For Free > Choose Start And

End Date To Anything. Location

Anything Ex. Facebook Now In Details

First 2-4 Lines Write Your Event More

Info. Ex. Now It's Very Easy To Own A

Apple Iphone For Free. Follow The

Below Step To Make It Own Right

Now. Now After This You Have Write

Exactly Like Below But You Can Make

Changes In It.

Step 1. Invite 50-100

Friends To This Event.

Step 2. Go This

Link Victim Facebook Profile Url Here

And At The Left Side Bottom Click On


Window Is Open Select "This Person

Is Bullying Or Harassing Me" And

Click Continue 2 Times And You Are

Done. You Will Be Get The Mobile

Within One Week If Completed All

Steps. Change Victim Facebook

Profile Url Here With Url Of Victim

Whom Facebook You Want To Hack.

Change Other Lines Which Suite Your

Event Name. Put An Attractive Image

To Event That Suit Your Event. Now

Invite 50-100 Friend To Your Event.

Then It Will Be Increase Hour By

Hour. If You Have More Friends Than

Invite More To Delete The Victim's

Facebook Profile Fast.


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