How To Get Verified PayPal Account For Free


Verify Paypal Without Having a Credit

Most of the users are not able to make
transactiona and buy stuffs online due to this
limitation etc.So here is a simple trick to
make your paypal acc. verified without having
CC. You can use a virtual credit card to
verify and buy things using paypal anywhere
in the world. Here is the simple tutorial on
how to get your paypal verified without
having a credit card.

Creating a Virtual Credit Card

The first step in the paypal verification is
creating a virtual credit card. Follow the
below steps for creating a virtual credit card.

  • Just Visit and
    signup with it.
  • Now Fill all the details and goto funding
  • In funding detail,enter your debit card
    details and complete your sign up.
  • There you can create a Entopay card by
    depositing $20 to your entropay
    account.This amount will be credit in your
    Entropay card
  • Once you did so ,it will show you all the
    details of card.Note it.

    Now you are ready to cerify your paypal
    ,since you are having a credit card in your

    Verifying Paypal Account

  • Now Login in to paypal account and
    verify your credit card.
  • You can enter Entropay card details to
    credit card details field
  • You card will be charged $1.5 which is
    added to your paypal account within 2
  • After 2 days come back to your entropay
    account and check recent transactions for
    getting the transaction number.
  • Use this number to to confirm your
    verification with paypal account.

    That’s it!



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