How to Decode your GSTIN (GST Identification Number)

    how to decode GSTIN

    Hello friends now a days GST is very popular topic in us. and finally on 1st july GST is applied to Indian Economy.That a GSTIN number is Given to a Firm and How to Decode your GSTIN number.And how you can know all about your GSTIN number.In this post you can learn that How to Decode your GSTIN number.

    Every dealer/company registered with the state authorities has a set of unique code numbers.

    So check below given detail to know about How to Decode your GSTIN number easily

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    How to Decode your GSTIN:-

    how to decode GSTIN
    how to decode GSTIN

    The GSTIN is created with 15 digits which is alpha-numeric. This state–wise PAN based GST Number is allotted to each taxpayer.the sample of a GST number is shoeing in given below image.Check below image

    1.  The first two digits will represent the state code as it is mentioned in the Indian Census 2011.
    2. The next 10 digits are the PAN number of the taxpayer which they already have .
    3. The 13th digit represents the total number of registrations an entity has within a state for the same PAN. It is alpha numeric in nature and can be 1-9 and A-Z. 1->If he has one entity within the state. This way one can hold up to 35 business verticals.
    4. The 14th digit is a default ‘Z’.
    5. The last digit (15th) will be a check code for checking any errors.

    so friends this is the full detail of the GSTIN number. I hope you like this post

    The latest news for GST users are need not apply afresh for GST registration online. They can get a provisional GSTIN from the GST portal and later provide data as per GST registration form. This provisional GSTIN number is valid for 6 months.


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