How To Create Ad Network With Wapka Sites


Hello Friends!
Today Am going to share
“How To Make Advertisement Network
With Wapka

Just Follow This Steps:-

  • create new site –
  • Just Design your site
  • create new page and paste your advertisements,
    And Note the “Site Id”
  • Make Login/Registeration page, With your wish
  • Now Add Main Menu In Site-0.
    (Login/Register, Cpc Rate, Payout Requests, Site statistics
    Like This

    Main Part

  • Click ::EDIT SITE::
  • Open- Users->Credit System->
    Click “Users referred via referral link “settings”

  • choose your credits per “Referral Registration” And
    “Referral Click”
  • Here click Site Id Displayed*
    Enter Your site id, where you have paste your ads

    Now Your Ad Network Is Ready

    Extra Tips

    • Add Quick Login Box And Set Visible For
      “Logged Users”
    • Now Add This, And Set Visible For Logged Users-
      Available Balance-> {cea2dacae8f6839fc8743f206af5c86edba925d5d01c39a27e8185d8d7be05d0}credit{cea2dacae8f6839fc8743f206af5c86edba925d5d01c39a27e8185d8d7be05d0}$
      (It shown like- Available Balance- 0.2$)
    • Test Site-



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