How to add alexa rank widget in blogger


Hello friends In This post i will tell You Will that How To  add alexa rank widget  In Blogger Blog. Now You Can add Your Blog’s Alexa Rank On Sidebar Or Footer just Adding by a Small Javascript Code.

 add alexa rank widget

Now a days alexa rank is important for a just Follow the Steps To add Alexa rank Widget In blogger blog.

  1. Fist of all just Login To Blogger Account.
  2. Then Click on Blog Title → Layout → Add a Gadget → HTML/Javascript.
  3. Then just Copy/Paste Following Code In Content Box.


<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’’/>
  1. Replace www. With Your Blog URL.
  2. Now Click Save Button And You Are Done.

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Benefits Of Adding Alexa Widget:-

  • After adding This Widget in ur website this Will start Count Every Visit To Your Blog Like Alexa Toolbar And then Help You To Boost Alexa Ranking.
  • Now a  Days Most of Advertisers Check Alexa Rank. So, This Widget Will Help You To Attract Advertisers.
Note: Check example  Of This Widget In Footer Of our website .


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