Bone conduction Technology Explained


Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.  conduction transmission can be used with individuals with normal or impaired hearing.

Bone conduction


Overview Bone conduction :-

Bone conduction audio safely transmits sound vibrations through the upper cheek bones of the face to the cochlea of the inner ear. And because they do not cover or impede the ears. you can hear your surroundings while enjoying great-sounding music while exercising, including bicycling or jogging outdoors.
Some people have hearing aids then this conduction technology is became a helpful thing for them.

Bone conduction products into three typs:

  • Ordinary products, such as hands-free headsets or headphones
  • Bone-anchored hearing aids and assistive listening devices
  • Specialized communication products.
Bone conduction

One example of  bone coduction is The Google Glass device.
this technology is sends the signals as lightly vibrations under or above our ears.

these signals are send to our mind as sound signals directly without use of diafram.

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now a days many items are available in the market to use this technology.


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