~Blast~ Uminto unlimited Free recharge *100{cea2dacae8f6839fc8743f206af5c86edba925d5d01c39a27e8185d8d7be05d0} Working*


Am back with

loot trick get free recharge from

uminto just start refering and

get 5 rs per refer . so here we

post full loot for uminto follow

the process carefully

***********Steps to follow to


* At First Go Here


* Login To your Uminto Account

* Now Copy your referral link

********Trick to loot unlimited


* Important use google


* now copy your referral link

* go up in the chrome where

you can see close botten (now

follow carefully the instruction)

* now click on the user

* an option comes like this

"signin to get your tabs,bookmarks,other settings on all your device"

* now click on switch person

* now click on add person

* now it a new chrome will

open with person 2

* now go to your referral link

sign up and get rs 5

*note use switch person

again and again for your loot

***100{cea2dacae8f6839fc8743f206af5c86edba925d5d01c39a27e8185d8d7be05d0} Working Enjoy Unlimited Free Recharges***


  1. You really don't need unlimited gmail accounts. Simply change it's alias like, if your ID is "[email protected]" then you can put "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" everytime you signup with uminto..just one gmail account can make your life easy but you need different phone no. every time. You may google with "gmail dot trick and + trick" and get more info why you don't need unlimited gmail account. Thanks.


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