What are the best types of projectors?

    What are the best types of projectors?

    What are the best types of projectors?

    Projectors are commonly used in classrooms and your workplace. But some of us even own a projector at home.

    The main function of a projector is to show the images on a larger screen. It serves the purpose of a TV or a PC screen. The advantage of using a projector screen is that you can show a presentation or images to a larger audience at once.

    Speaking of projectors, there are different types available on the market. In this article, we are going to discuss the types of projectors. If you are looking for the best cheap projectors to buy, then you should give this article a read.

    Types of Projectors

    They may all serve the same purpose but they are different in terms of their construction and features. The main types of projectors available include:

    • Portable projectors

    Portable projectors are great for small to medium-sized classrooms. They are also used in meeting rooms to show PowerPoint presentations. The main highlights of these projectors are that they are compact and lightweight. As a result, you can carry them easily with you.

    These projectors are also easy to use. They have brightness ranging from 2800 to 3700 ANSI lumens. Various brands manufacture portable projectors. These projectors are usually loaded with a variety of features including memory viewer function, USB memory port, curved screen correction, and others.

    • Short Throw projectors

    The next type of projectors we have is the short throw projectors. Even these projectors are great for meeting rooms and classrooms. They are mainly used in limited spaces as it allows you to use the projector without setting it too far.

    These projectors are also packed with features that are similar to portable projectors. Some of the useful features you can find include USB display function, interactive function, curved screen correction, etc. These projectors have their brightness ranging from 2800 to 3500 lumens. The resolution ranges from XGA to WXGA.

    • Installation projectors

    These projectors are best suited for large spaces like museums, exhibitions, seminars and lecture rooms. These are also called LCD projectors and their brightness can reach up to 5500 lumens. Some of these projectors can even project your mobile phone or laptop. If you want to do a wireless presentation in your college or workplace, then you can make use of these types of projectors. Due to high brightness, everyone can see the images. This is meant to serve a larger audience at once.

    • Large Venue projectors

    These are meant for larger spaces like auditoriums and staging. You can get them on rent for your event. They have a brightness that reaches up to 5000 lumens. These projectors are usually equipped with RGB booster technology that helps enhance the quality of the image in terms of colour and brightness. They also have many other features that help them stand out.

    So these are the different types of projectors you can use. Each of them is used for different purposes. Therefore, you need to choose one based on their application.


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