10 Best Foot Spas of 2017: The Top Heated, Bubbling, & Massaging Foot Baths


10 Best Foot Spas of 2017: The Top Heated, Bubbling, & Massaging Foot Baths: You can’t buy happiness but you can buy pedicure and that’s kinda the same thing.Your foot requires equal care as your face because if they are Left unnoticed or untreated, sores, ingrown toenails, and various different problems lead to infection. Poor circulation causes obstacles to quick healing.

10-Best-Foot-Spas-of-2017 The-Top-Heated,-Bubbling,-&-Massaging-Foot-Baths
10-Best-Foot-Spas-of-2017 The-Top-Heated,-Bubbling,-&-Massaging-Foot-Baths

10 Best Foot Spas of 2017: The Top Heated, Bubbling, & Massaging Foot Baths

Your feet take so much for you on an everyday basis.No other body part is as damaged and abused than your feet. We jump, stand, run- our feet do all! According to  Reflexologists our overall body health starts right from our feet and goes up.

A foot massage is like a movie, really relaxing and a total escape, expect in a foot massage you’re the star and you don’t miss anything by falling asleep! if you use an electric foot spa regularly it can give you all the pampering and luxury needed.

Institute for Preventative Foot Health recently stated that feet are closely connected to various aspects of our lives and taking good care of it will help you stay up better.

Many physical problems can be a result of poor feet health. fatigue might be indicated when a person regularly suffers from aching feet. Taking good care of feet indicates good living standard and helps in living healthy lives without disturbance.


On this page, we have lined up some of the top rated foot spas of 2017 for you.Now you can pick out the best for you feet and push back and enjoy a relaxing spa at your home.This can also help you save money that you have to spend on a monthly basis to a masseuse.The page is regularly updated to provide fresh information.


1. Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa
Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa 

Loaded with lots of great and relaxing features Dr.Scholl’s foot spa gives you the best you deserve.You can get extra smooth feets by using Removable pumice stone which softens heels and smart heat system for spa oasis will surely take the pain out of your feet.

A rolling massager is fixed in the center of the unit and allows you to keep any part of your feet above it .smoothing bubbles make the experience better.It is easy to use, affordable and efficient foot spa machine.Along with this, you get a 5 piece Pedicure Set for Beautiful Feet which makes this product more desirable.

 2. Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat

Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat
Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat

Waterfall feature offers outstanding relaxation feeling and you don’t have to worry if your feet size is large because it can take up to size 11(women).conair makes various models for foot spa but this one is worth checking out.It comes at an affordable price along with 3 pedicure attachments; brush, pumice, and massage – plus – leg rest and 2-foot rollers on each side.

The only thing which might hold you back from purchasing this product is that it fails to regulate water temperature and makes a loud noise while heating and bubbling.

3. HoMedics Pedicure Spa 600 Foot Salon Pro with Heat

HoMedics Pedicure Spa 600 Foot Salon Pro with Heat
HoMedics Pedicure Spa 600 Foot Salon Pro with Heat

A happy day is a trip day to the spa.Now you can get spa right at your home with Homedics Pedicure Spa 600.There are lots of positive features which will surely attract you.The pedicure center has 4 attachments that work to smoothen your feet.  To soothe tight muscles and relax tired feet it provides effective vibrations and effervescent bubbles

water is heated up to 98 Degree F in minutes and temperature is maintained throughout use.Rollers help to relax and rejuvenate feet.If you wish to add some Epsom salt you can add it without the fear of harming your machine because it is salt safe.

4. PIBBS Foot Bath Massager

PIBBS Foot Bath Massager
PIBBS Foot Bath Massager

PIBBS may sound expensive at first but after knowing all its feature you feel it is worth spending money on this.It is completely salt and essential oil safe so that you can add your favorite stuff to get your feet relaxed and happy.

A splash cover is provided which is removable and consists of three different modes. Heat, bubble and vibrate mode helps you to change according to your need.

The heating element in this foot bath does an excellent job and maintains the water temperature throughout by keeping it warm.The massager is 14 inches wide, 15 inches long, and 6.5 inches deep and includes one year warranty.It doesn’t produce any annoying loud sound and the bumpy surface provides good exfoliation.

5. Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa by Brookstone

Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa by Brookstone
Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa by Brookstone

The most attractive feature of Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa is its two powerful hydro jets which give you extremely relaxed feeling.It has temperature maintenance and regulation feature.Water is heated up to 115 degrees and provides fast relief from pain caused due to daily activities.

Another great advantage is that it fits up to size 14(men) which makes it more flexible.Rotating jets placed at the front end and speed adjustment make it user-friendly.It can be considered as one solution to all your feet problems like pain, stiffness, blood circulation etc.

6. Kendal All in One Foot Spa

Kendal All in One Foot Spa
Kendal All in One Foot Spa

Feeling stressed and need relaxed feet every day? if yes Kendal is meant for you.It is the most simple, easy to use foot bath so far.It can be used for everyday massage and rejuvenation.It is the perfect combination of heat, oxygen bubbles to massage and high-frequency vibration with 3 preset modes.It is multi-insulated which makes it protection safe and secure to use which made consumer give it good reviews and comes at an affordable price. Kendal scores well when it comes to looks and is durable as its body is made of high-quality plastic.

7. Ivation Foot Spa Massager

Ivation Foot Spa Massager
Ivation Foot Spa Massagerperfect blend

Ivation is controlled by a digital panel which makes it attractive.It has various features like rollers, heating element, oxygen-rich bubbles and high vibrations.It is a perfect reliever for pain, worn out feet and is multi-functioning with heat stability.

Several water jets combine to lessen the pain and temperature lead up to 112 degrees Fahrenheit.You can enhance your spa experience by adding all your favorite essential oils and salts.

8. Yosager Foot Spa Bath Massager

Yosager Foot Spa Bath Massager
Yosager Foot Spa Bath Massager

This beautiful baby is tremendous when it comes to a foot spa.Having six rollers it takes your experience to a higher standard and all you get is the goodness of exfoliation and relaxation.The digital control panel gives you the power to control everything.

complied with high vibrations and external drainage pipe it earns an extra charm.Its compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere you wish to.

9. ETTG Foot Spa

ETTG Foot Spa
ETTG Foot Spa

Taking the foot spa experience one level up here comes ETTG foot spa which will not only relaxes your feet but also ankle and calf too. It posses all the feature that is required for a good foot bath and spa. It is made from an anti-aging material which makes it highly durable.

loaded with attractive looks and basket handle makes to portable and easy to carry.Automatic infrared heating and insulation make it safe and secure to use.

10. Kendal Deep Foot and Leg Spa

Kendal Deep Foot and Leg Spa
Kendal Deep Foot and Leg Spa

This foot spa has grabbed all the good reviews when compared to others because of many positive features.It is a monitored spa unit which makes it different from others and is deepest among all.There is no manual movement required.

The digital display is easy to understand and the remote control makes you push back and enjoys your spa.

What are a Foot bath and spa machine?


It is a machine designed to heal, soothe, and comfort your feet with every use.It offers a mechanism of soaking feet in warm water along with the extra functionality of scrub, bubble, vibration which makes your feet relaxed.

It typically focuses on detoxification and scrubbing of feet along with this you can add different things like Epsom salt, essential oils, baking soda etc which accelerates the soothing and gives extra softness.There are many foot spa machines available in the market.You need to check your needs first before buying any of them as all machines have different features.

Nowadays home spas have been in trend because of the limited time people have and an unlimited problem.your feet might be suffering from various different sort of pains like getting plagued by blisters, wearing new shoes which causes extreme pain or due to daily activities like running, standing or walking.

It is the best option to relax your feet right at your home and save money and time required for expensive spa treatments.

What makes Home Foot Spa A Good Foot Spa?

Each of us is unique and so are our needs.It is recommended that you check your needs before taking any decision in hurry and later regret it.Those who work really hard every day by standing for a long time or running requires a foot spa machine with some tough feature to soothe their feet but, those who need for the regular purpose should not put much money on foot spa for them a normal foot spa will be sufficient.

Heating Function: 

A foot spa machine is nothing without a heating function which helps in raising the temperature of the water.In addition to this water regulation and maintaining the temperature is also equally important to provide a perfect foot spa.

All different machine will have different temperature settings, some of them will also allow you to control and change water temperature settings and with such setting, you get your desired water temperature.

Easy operations and programs:

Some foot spa will allow you to customize your experience by providing programs through which you can select a particular function.

simple and easy operation are much needed so that an uninterrupted foot spa can be carried out.Different setting and operation will create a much better experience.Settings should be simple so that they can be operated easily while a spa is ongoing.On/ off function should not take much time.

Massaging Jets & Vibrating Rollers:

Massaging jets are mandatory if you need a next level spa.Rollers and vibration should be controllable so that you can customize according to your need.

Bubbles and noise:

Oxygen-rich bubbles will surely make your feet feel better.There are the different mode of bubbles which can be changed time to time.

Various functions like bubbles, rollers, jets will produce some sound.You have to make sure you don’t buy a machine that produces an annoying sound and leads to disturbance during spa.

Durability & Value:

As they are home for use, make sure you pick a very durable machine which can sustain for a longer period.Material quality, functions, the design will matter to decide it’s durability.Temperature resistant plastic will stay for a longer period when compared to the normal low quality.

If we talk about value, it is noticed that most of us feel that more the price better the experience but it is not true in most cases.well, cheapest spa unit is not the worst.

The cost will definitely depend on quality, design, features, and brand.Make sure you check its efficiency and then proceed to pay the money that is worth paying.

Extra Accessories:

It always makes us happy when we get ‘more’.The only thing you should keep in mind is that you check out the accessories and think which one of them you are actually going to use.It would be a wastage if you don’t use any extra accessories.

Extra Accessories like pumice stones, different brushes, and nail clippers will make your spa better by pampering you.If you are expecting an experience as good as salon then accessories are must but they might end up increasing the price of a unit.

Use of salt and oils:

Some machines will allow you to use salt and oils as they are salt safe but be careful as not all machines are salt safe.If you add stuff without reading any instructions you might end up damaging your foot spa in the very beginning.

 Benefits of Foot  Bath:

Foot spa
Foot spa
  1. Stress reduction
  2. Detoxification
  3. Gives energy
  4. Takes away depression.
  5. smoothens feet

 Any Safety Concerns To Be Taken Care Of?

  • Avoid using salts and essential oils if allergic to any of it.
  • If suffering from problems related to blood circulation or diabetes then it is advisable to consult a doctor first and then use.
  • Skin of your feet is very delicate so you have to check the temperature of the water before soaking your feet to avoid damage.


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