Awesome VR Gadgets to check out in 2018

Awesome VR Gadgets to check out in 2018
Awesome VR Gadgets to check out in 2018

Gaming is not the same as it used to be for some years. People are constantly trying to dilute the line between the real and the virtual world. A mixture of both the world can be seen in the virtual reality gadgets which became a rage in the last year. Almost everyone owned a VR set that helped gamers to create their own virtual world and enjoy gaming. Maybe you don’t know but even online casino games can be played with VR headsets. Online casino has raise quite a popularity lately and people from all over the world are indulging into this. Many are enjoying the varieties of online casino games right into their laptop or phones and in coming days, the future of online casino looks brighter.

Talking about VRs then they are one of the best things that ever happened, as it takes your entertainment to the next level. The companies are on the roll and they are launching several gadgets on a daily basis. So, let us see some of the best VR gadgets of 2018.

Awesome VR Gadgets to check out in 2018
Awesome VR Gadgets to check out in 2018

The Best VR Gadgets of 2018:

  • Virtual Reality Suits: People were more into audio and visual that surrounded the world of Virtual Reality. But now they want to focus on the touch and feel as well. Several companies like Araig and Hardlight have successfully come up with the suit. They use vibrations and other latest technologies to make it more realistic for the user.
  • Virtual Reality Chair by Roto VR: Our experiences of VR are often restricted by the environment we are in. In a normal chair, we often feel stuck and it creates a rift between the real and the virtual world. But the Roto VR chair can revolve 360 degrees which help in evading that gap. It also has an outlet to keep the game on.
  • VR Treadmills that are Omnidirectional: The physical nature is being tied to the experience of a virtual reality on a headset. By moving on this treadmill the person will actually feel the physical tasks that they are doing like running. This takes action based games to the next level. Some producers of these treadmills are Cyberith, SpaceWalker, and Rovr.

HTC Vive Pro: A VR experience wouldn’t be complete without a proper headset. This one from HTC was launched in April 2018 and HTC marketed it as a professional VR Headset. It includes all the things that its predecessor lacked and they have made it even better. One can get the whole starter kit to get the whole experience.


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