10 Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks 2015


1. Save Web Pages as PDF

You don't have to use PDF converter

Extension on Chrome. Google Chrome has its

own PDF converter. Open any website and

press Ctrl+ P on your keyboard ( Cmd+P

on Mac ) a window will pop up click

Change under Destination, select save as

PDF and save.

2. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome has variety of keyboard

shortcuts and you can assign your own

shortcuts for opening extensions and Apps.

To assign custom shortcuts type chrome://

extensions in the Google Chrome Address

bar then click Enter this will open the

extension page. Scroll to the bottom of

the page and you will find Keyboard

Shortcuts .

3. Install unapproved Chrome Apps and


Google Chrome won't allow you to install

Extension that not listed in the Chrome

webstore .to install unapproved extensions

go to the Extension page and turn on

Developer mode now drag and drop the

extension into the chrome extension page.

4. Speed up Slow Google chrome

After several hours of continues chrome usage

.Google chrome may run slow, there is two

ways to fix this problem you can close your

browser and restart it. Sometimes it won't

work, so Go to Tools > Task Manager .

Chrome task manager will open sort the list

by memory and choose the websites and

extension that uses more memory and press

end process

5. Change your Current location

Some websites such as Google maps ask the

browser for your location. you can change

your location to anywhere around the world.

Open Tools > Developer tools and choose

console > emulation and enter anyplace

value of latitude and longitude.

6. View all your Saved Passwords

If you want to view your saved Passwords,

Open any websites login Page, Open the

developer tools by pressing ctrl+Shift+I and

select the password field on the page and

change the input type from password to text.

If you find this difficult just open

" chrome://settings/passwords " and you

will find all of your saved passwords .

7. Compose Emails from Chrome Address


If you want to compose a new email, you

don't have to open the Gmail and compose

mail. Just go to your Chrome browser

address bar and type the command

" mailto:[email protected] " this will open

the Gmail compose window on your current

Page .

8. Use Google Chrome as Video player

You can use your google Chrome as a

Media Player .from your hard drive Drag

video files , audio files , text files and even

PDF files to the chrome and view them

without any additional application.

9. Add more Bookmarks to bookmark bar

If you wanted to add more bookmarks to

the chrome bookmark bar ,just right click on

any of your bookmark and select edit and

remove the name of your bookmark and

save it ,now chrome will show your

bookmarked sites favicon, now you can add

many bookmarks on the bookmark bar.

10. View websites while Offline

If a website you are trying to access is

offline you can view the websites cached

version from your previous use .to access a

cached version of any web page. Click on

the address bar and type cache before the

URL and press Enter. You will see the web

page's cached version if there is one.


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