Android Battery Saving Tips

Here is best battery saver tricks to avoid battery low problems If you are one of them who needs to Charging their mobile more then 1 times in a day , Then i am 100% sure its time to apply all the tricks that I am going to mention below.

Battery Saver tricks :
Doesn’t matter which one you are you using From Windows , IOS or Android mobile phone . Every smartphone users have face the same problem , the battery low problem. In terms of battery life i loves the old nokia phones like Nokia 1600 or nokia 1200 over Hi-tech devices. Because those old phones works for days once they charged.

android batter saving tips

We can’t blame the Android , IOS operating system for that. Because multiple services and apps will run in the background once it start which is the main reason for Huge battery consumption .

Battery Saver tricks to solve low battery problem :

  • Turn off the Unnecessary option : Some time users need to Turn on the WiFi , Bluetooth , Location & Hotspot . But its Smart move to switch off all these option when you Don’t need.
  • Uninstall the lengthy apps :  Apps are resource-intensive which uses High battery power and others resources like ram & storage . For Example Facebook is uses Much resources & battery then And other application. So its batter move to Uninstall it and Install its Alternative Facebook lite which will Consume less power & data.
  • Install battery saver app :  Multiple Apps is available on Google play store & app store that Helps you to Minimize the power Uses of your mobile phone. For Example you can Download & use Du battery saver , Greenify or Amplify etc.
  • kill the Background Task : Once you leave any application by Pressing back or Power button it will start running in back ground.The background task Consumes too much Battery , So you have to kill those task by Removing tabs.
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Another Option is turn on the Power saver mode in which comes pre-built on most of Smartphones now days.


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